Introduction of Town Panchayat

Velankanni Special Grade Town Panchayat was constituted as a Township in the year 1985 As per G.O. No. 585 Rural Development Department dated: 25.07.1985, classified as Special Grade Township. The population of the town was then 10151 (as per 2001 Censes). This Town Panchayat is in Nagapattinam District. This Town Panchayat is situated in Main Road, Velankanni. At present from 31.05.1994 onwards as per G.O.Ms. No. 139, Municipal Administration and Water supply Department Dated 31.05.1994 classified as Special grade Town Panchayat.

Location of Town Panchayat Office :

Velankanni is a Special Grade Town Panchayat. It is situated on the Sea Shore of the Bay of Bengal at Keelvelur Taluk and Nagapattinam District. This Town Developing with the name of Shrine Baslica of our Lady of Health Velankanni. As it is a very important Pilgrim Centre and also a favours tourism place, thousands of tourists daily and so many thousandís of tourists and pilgrims in holidays and festivel will come to Velankanni. Because the floating population of this Town is higher than regular population for 3 or 4 times in normal days also.

Town Administration

Velankanni Town Panchayat is a Special Grade Town Panchayat. It has 15 Electoral wards. Executive Officer supported by Two Junior Assistant, One Sanitary Supervisor, and other staffs administrates the Town Panchayat.