Computerization of Town Panchayat

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Computerisation in Town Panchayats

All Town Panchayats are furnished with Computer and accessories.
Birth and Death Certificate issued through Computers.
The implementation of the following Revenue Modules is in progress.
Property Tax
Water Charges
Professional Tax
Non Tax

General Information regarding Town Panchayats

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Tamil Nadu Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.

At present, National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREG) is being implemented in 85 Town Panchayats spread over 6 districts of the State. An amount of Rs. 112.73 lakhs has been released for this programme and the status of progress is maintained in this site.
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Creation of database C & AG formats for Financial Progress of all Town Panchayats.

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Online report formats for Physical and Financial Progress of scheme works of all Town Panchayats and marinating data regarding Elected Body, Population, BPL, Roads, Street lights, Water Supply, Public Health and other assets of Town Panchayats.

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Future Plans

Separate Website for all? the Town Panchayats, As a First Phase it will be implemented in 100 Town Panchayats during the year 2006-2007.
Touch Screen Monitor? Information System will be installed in CMDA area and Important Town Panchayats.