Rain Water

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Rain water Harvesting
Rain water Harvesting is conservation of rain water for drinking and other purposes.

Why should Rain water be saved

To meet water demand for domestic use
To raise the ground water level
To improve the quality of ground water
To prevent infiltration of sea water in nearby areas of sea shore.

Method of harvesting Rain Water

Rain water can be harvested by two methods.
Rooftop harvesting
Surface run off harvesting
Rain water from roof top can be directly let into wells / Borewells
Rain water in the open spaces can be collected adopting various rain water harvesting methods

Collecting of Rain water from the terrace of the Buildings

1.Collecting through well
2.Collecting through bore well

To harvest Rain water in open space

1.Percolation / Recharge pit
2.Percolation / Recharge pit with bore
3.Recharge trench
4.Recharge well

Harvesting of Rain water from thatched and tiled house

Rain water from the thatched and tiled houses are collected through gutters in a small pit used as filter